Alexander Sokol

Alexander SokolA Path to Family Learning (that can also be walked by some teachers) Recording of talk here

PASS – Parents As Successful teacherS, http://www.ta­

More and more parents would like to introduce a second language to their children. All parents want their children to be effective thinkers. Most teachers dream to see curious and eager ­to­ learn children when they come to school.

Parents As Successful teacherS (PASS) project ( developed support materials for introducing a second language and developing thinking skills in the family context. The materials exist in eight different languages and are freely available online.

In this presentation I will introduce you to the materials and the principles they are based on, share the experience of some families who have used the materials, and also say a few words about how PASS materials can be adapted for the use in school.

Alexander Sokol comes from Riga, Latvia, where he used to work as a secondary school EFL teacher for 13.5 years.He is now the academic director of TA Group – an educational company dealing with teaching, teacher education, research and consulting in the field of teaching thinking.

Alexander is the principal developer of the Thinking Approach to language teaching and learning. He has got a PhD in thinking skills in language education from the University of Strasbourg.


One Response to Alexander Sokol

  1. Mumi Mu says:

    Thanks very much. It was very interesting to know that critical thinking could be developed at such Young age. It is good to know that parents can start the learning process of a second language in such a way.

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