Charles Goodger

charlesLet’s make a song and dance of it

Charles Goodger, the founder of FunSongs Education, is an English teacher,  teacher trainer and song-writer. His language-learning action songs for young learners are learnt, sung and acted out in TEFL classrooms in 114 countries around the world.Since founding FunSongs, Charles has been a plenary speaker at international ELT conferences, and held workshops and seminars in many countries.Charles has permanent tenure at Bologna University in Italy as a collaboratore esperto linguistico and is a  committee member  of the IATEFL Young Learners Special Interest Group.”If you use music and mime, rhythm and rhyme effectively in the classroom you’re  always going to get the best results. Why?  Because you’re involving your learners emotionally, physically and creatively – as well as intellectually!

100% motivation guaranteed.”


2 Responses to Charles Goodger

  1. Nancy Bailey says:

    Hello to all of you. I was unable to watch Charles live, but just finished watching the recording. Lots of ideas! Thank you!
    Concerning the question of what to do with teens, try the cup song! They love it. And show them all 3 of the following YouTube videos:
    Anna Kendrick’s cup song
    Original video:
    In Irish with 200 kids performing!

    In English with 4 kids:

    Nancy Bailey in Italy

  2. Micaela says:

    Wonderful session! I’ve just watched the recording and I’m so sorry I had to miss it. I use songs every day in class with my students (ages 4-10) and they love them. Music is such an amazing tool in the classroom. It really motivates them and helps them remember key vocabulary as well as phrases that we’re learning.

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