Russell Stannard


russellOn video- title to be announced

Russell Stannard is the founder of . He was awarded the British Council ELTons award in ‘Technology’ and the Times Higher ‘Outstanding Initiative in ICT’ award for his work in technology and education.

He was previously a Principal Teaching Fellow at the Universities of Warwick and Westminster. He is a NILE Associate Trainer and freelance trainer and writer. He writes regular columns in the English Teaching Professional and the Teacher Trainer. His current projects include work with the British Council in India and China and an EU funded project called ‘Video for All’

Founder of and NILE Associate Trainer

Winner of British Council ELTons award for Innovation 2010

Awarded Times Higher “Outstanding Initiative in ICT” 2008

Awarded “Excellence in teaching and learning” University of Westminster 2008

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  1. helend says:

    I’m sure you will find this article from Russell’s blog very interesting

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