Agenda: Times & Dates

Welcome to the place where you can share your thoughts and discuss and ask questions. You will meet here the speakers who made the presentation and your colleagues. Simply write under “Comments” on the page of the person whose talk you are interested in.

See you here, on all twelve pages 🙂

Dennis, Helen & ffinlo

Full timetable of events:

Presenter Date & Times Title/Link to Adobe room
Stephen Krashen Friday 17 January
19:00 GMT
Your local time
“Three topics”
Recording of talk here
Alexander Sokol Sunday 19 January
11:00 GMT
Your local time
“A Path to Family Learning (that can also be walked by some teachers)”
Recording of talk here
See 10 February (below)
Saturday 25 January
16:00 GMT
Your local time
“Survival Tips for Teaching Young Learners English”
Recording of talk here
Sunday 26 January
14:00 GMT
Your local time
“Chaos in Learning and How to Engage Learners in Resolving That Chaos Through Networking With One Another”
Recording of talk here
Charles Goodger Friday 31 January
08:00 GMT
Your local time
“Let’s make a song and dance of it”
Recording of talk here
Sunday 2 February
12:00 GMT
Your local time
“Building Self-esteem in the Classroom – from Principle to Practice”
Recording of talk here
Graham Stanley Monday 3 February
21.30 GMT
Your local time
“Kids, Video Games, Images & ELT”
Recording of talk here
Wednesday 5 February
14:00 GMT
Your local time
“Challenging ELT: Challenging the Methodology to Reach Challenging Students”
Link to Adobe Connect room
Barbara Sakomoto Saturday 8 February
13:00 GMT
Your local time
“Of Icebergs and Whales”
Recording of talk here
Monday 10 February 19:00 GMT
Your local time
“Creating a Technically Friendly Environment” Recording of talk here
Marie Delaney Wednesday 12 February
11:00 GMT
Your local time
“Stress management and well-being for teachers : how to manage yourself so you can manage your learners”
Recording of talk here
Russell Stannard Thursday 13 February
19:00 GMT
Your local time
“Video subject” TBC
Recording of talk here

7 Responses to Agenda: Times & Dates

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi is it possible to view youtube vids or some other type of re-run of your classes, I’m working during many of your live lessons. Thanks, Andrew

    • osnacantab says:

      Andrew. Glad to be able to say – ALL of the recordings will be here – all presentations are recorded and made available. The Stephen Krashen URL for the reocriding should go up later to day and the subsequent ones should be posted even quicked. Cheers, Dennis on bahalf of TheTeam.

  2. Will recordings of these sessions be linked from here? (or from where?) thanks 🙂

  3. Vance, I think I have answered you elsewhere, but just in case: the recordings ‘ links are posted on on the main program, along with date and time of the talks and the URL for attending them live. Dennis

  4. Yes, I’ve by now found the recordings, thanks so much (p.s. mp3 versions would be most helpful :-))

  5. Dalia says:

    How can earlier webinars that are not on this page accessed?

  6. ffingerprint says:

    Which earlier ones Dalia?

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